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Brief History:

SVA Facebook Group was initiated and founded by Jonald Magistrado on 2nd of March 2011, with the original intention of catering to the needs of Filipinos who are using SketchUp and Vray. The core group of admin comprising of Chen Menes, Gerbe Dumahil, Nomer Adona, Jonathan Ignas were quickly formed. The group started with mean number of around 30 in the first month; exchanging experience, work and critiquing each other work. The original name of the group was just simply Sketchup Vray. Eventually many more Filipinos joined the grouped, more Admins were placed to cope up with the increasing number of members; these are Francis Lobusta, Rommel Zaldarriaga, Rhen Badando and Rommel Hector Jochico Madrid Lopez.

In August, the name VRay-sketchup Artists was decided to cater to non-SketchUp Vray users. More and more members joined the group including non-Filipinos.

Eventually some of the Filipino veterans in the Admin field were added, Onel Pabico and Neil Cristobal who are very instrumental in giving advises to the group. Monthly challenges were held and set-up starting from the Barcelona Pavilion Challenge to the Christmas Challenge.

This year as part of the cgpinoy network, Rewind was launched which will end just before the fist birthday of this Group..

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