Thursday, 15 March 2012

How to Attach Facebook Image to SVA Forum

You dont have to use Photobucket or any other hosting image. You can actually attach your Facebook image to SVA forum or even blog. Here is how you will do it.

Step 1:Scroll the Facebook Page you want to upload

Step 2: View image (right mouse click, select view image)

Step 3: Look at URL address bar. All FB photos were actually hosted by

Step4: Highlight the URL. Right mouse click then select Copy. (The URL will be copied in the clipboard)

Step 5: Now go to SVA Forum, Click on the attach image icon

Step 6: Paste the copied URL to the box

If you are using editor Mode then, you will notice the bounding Image codes bounding the image url.

If you are not using the editor mode, then you will see the image attached directly. (see image below)

Thats it Folks...Now you wont need the on and off Photobucket...

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